Vertical Search

Focused search in a specific segment of online content.


Work smarter, not harder. max.recall’s customized vertical search solutions can help making that lofty goal more and more a reality.

If your mission is to manage, organize and search content inside and outside of your organization in a transparent and easily understandable way, max.recall has the solution for you. We offer customized vertical search solutions based on the popular and fast open source technology Apache Solr that features

  • powerful full-text search,
  • highlighting of query terms in search hits,
  • faceted search,
  • dynamic clustering,
  • integration with databases, and
  • flexible handling of different document types such as Word or PDF.

You want findable content?

With our vertical search solution online content is not only searchable - it is findable and actionable so that it delivers value to the bottom line. Please contact us via email or call us +43 720 978603. Our experts are ready to assist you in finding what matters most in your very individual setting.

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