US Patent Status Helper

This is a tool to ease the process of checking the maintainance status of US patents. Enter a list of patent numbers (with or without prefix 'US'; separated by space, tab or newline characters) into the box below and press the "Generate Links" button.

Sample patent numbers: 6000000 US7000000

A maximum of 100 numbers is allowed at a time. As a result you will get a list of links to the USPTO "Patent Maintainance Fees" page with the necessary information already filled out (Patent and Application Number). From there on, you manually have to click on the links to open the pages, as the USPTO's terms of services is strict on overusing its service.

Please note that the link generation is based on the Open Patent Service provided by the EPO for which we have a valid license agreement and does not involve any misuse of USPTO services. Any interaction with the USPTO site originates directly from your Web browser.

This tool is provided free of charge to make the lifes of patent information specialists easier. Sometimes, the otherwise great Open Patent Service is under maintenance or experiencing high load, in which case our service might fail as well. Please excuse any inconvenience. If you have comments or suggestions, please contact Michael Dittenbach. The disclaimer of the imprint applies.


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