max.recall coorganizes CLEF-IP workshop

Thursday 13th January 2011

The CLEF-IP track was launched in 2009 to investigate IR techniques for patent retrieval. After a successful second year in 2010, the track continues in 2011 as a benchmarking activity at the coming CLEF 2011 conference. It will take place on in September 2011 in Padua, Italy. The track will utilize a slightly larger data collection as in CLEF-IP'10, of patent documents derived from EPO and WIPO sources, covering English, French, and German patents.

Tasks for CLEF-IP 2011

  • Prior Art Candidate Search: Find patent documents that are likely to constitute prior art to a given patent application.
  • Image-based Document Retrieval: Find patent documents or images relevant to a given patent document containing images.
  • Classification: Classify a given patent document according to the IPC system
  • Image-based Classification: Categorize given patent images into pre-defined categories of images.

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The tasks involving patent images are organized in colaboration with ImageCLEF.


  • max.recall information systems, Vienna, Austria
  • Information Retrieval Facility, Vienna, Austria

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