Quantalyze Offers Visualization Tool for Quantities in Patents

Wednesday 21st December 2011

max.recall’s specialized online patent search system quantalyze (www.quantalyze.com) for context-aware searching of quantities and quantity ranges, such as temperatures or lengths, receives its first extension: a visual analytics component that provides an insightful view on the patents’ content. This visual analytics component of quantalyze reveals hidden relationships in patents and simplifies the identification of complex patterns concealed in information.

The quantity chart depicts the distribution of temperatures, lengths or other quantities in a set of patents. This representation graphically captures the relationship between quantities occurring in the text and the content of patents. It allows for easy and accurate extraction of process parameters from text and for displaying the corresponding values in a meaningful way. This novel visual analytics component of quantalyze permits, for example, the in-depth analysis of patents to determine those temperature ranges within which a specific method for recycling aluminum operates.

In addition to visualizing quantity distributions, the visual analytics component of quantalyze displays, for example, those companies or inventors that have the highest publication activity over the last decade.

quantalyze paints a detailed picture of the activities of a company in a given segment by displaying a company's focus over the course of time in a given technological domain. This profiling functionality leads to better understanding of the activities and objectives of a company, or of the application domains of a particular technology. The visual analytics component of quantalyze reveals otherwise hidden information and provides additional grounds for strategic decisions.

The quantalyze online patent search system can be tested two days for free - www.quantalyze.com.

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