max.recall presents quantalyze - an online service for context-aware searching of quantities in text.

Wednesday 2nd November 2011

At the beginning of online information seeking was keyword search. Confronted with the limits of this model in a world of exploding digital information, computer scientists explored other approaches –the semantic search, which increases the accuracy of results by understanding the contextual meaning of terms, was born. 

As an example, a simple keyword search does not deliver satisfying results when trying to find strategic information in relation to quantities. This is a major challenge in the business context for organizations monitoring financial indicators and statistics, companies reviewing production processes based on specific temperatures or researchers verifying the uniqueness of their chemical dosage for a patent filing. Finding the relevant information as quickly as possible can be a major competitive advantage in today’s information society.

The Austrian company max.recall has developed a comprehensive technology to search for quantities and ranges in technical documents: quantalyze is a Web-based service that helps information professionals increase the speed and precision of context-aware quantity searches. max.recall’s quantalyze uses cutting-edge semantic annotation techniques to identify, normalize and give meaning to numeric values and units in text, while taking their context into account. Once the documents have been processed, they can be searched via the quantalyze workbench which combines quantity search with powerful full-text search and filtering features based on the open source Lucene software and internationally acknowledged UIMA standards.

Searching for quantities in text implies that some major technical barriers are overcome: different representations of the same quantity, overlapping intervals, different unit systems and languages, different meanings of the value depending on the context. Through an advanced standardization and annotation process, the quantalyze service solves the challenges inherent to quantity search and delivers search results in an unmatched quality.

The quantalyze service is accessible online and can be customized for any particular industry domain or information context, from financial reports to technical documentation, chemical patents or medical literature.

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