Intelligent Content Analytics

Aggregating, analyzing and exploring unstructured content to unlock the business value of information.

If you are looking for better decision making by deriving valuable insights from your (enterprise) content regardless of source or format, our Intelligent Content Analytics technology is the right solution for you.

Intelligent Content Analytics is the act of taking primarily unstructured data and dynamically extracting new information and insight from it to support decision making. Our Intelligent Content Analytics Solutions can be applied to a specific business domain to uncover new insights, highlight optimization opportunities, and improve business processes.

Intelligent Content Analytics in a nutshell:

  1. Intelligent Content Analytics is an action that supports decision making - it's more than a technology, service, process, or automated software tool. Like traditional business intelligence for structured data, our content analytics solution involves both technology and people. For example, consider a business development group that uses content analytics to make their (human) analysts more effective - rather than spending hours sorting through information trying to correlate it, the analysts use content analytics to compute and display correlations and relationships in seconds, visualizing them in a way that lets them leverage their own experience and skill and react to the most important business patterns.
  2. Most importantly, our Intelligent Content Analytics Solutions expose new information and insights. It takes primarily unstructured data, aggregates it, correlates it, and extracts structure, patterns, trends, and outliers that provide new visibility into your business processes and activities that generated the input data. In many ways, our Intelligent Content Analytics Solutions provide the exploratory power of traditional Business Intelligence for unstructured content.

You want to know more?

If you need to understand, why a content-rich process is underperforming or you want to proactively spot opportunities to improve these processes please contact us via email or call us +43 720 978603. Our experts are ready to assist you to explore large volumes of unstructured content to unlock the business value of information.

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