About Us

max.recall information systems GmbH is a Vienna, Austria based company offering consulting and development services for search and content analytics solutions such as vertical search or social media analysis. max.recall has been founded in 2010 by a team of highly skilled experts in the fields of information retrieval, machine learning and natural language processing. The founders of max.recall have gained more than 12 years of experience in managing and executing complex R&D projects and applied research. This has led to over 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

max.recall is using robust, cutting edge open-source technologies to implement customized information access solutions specifically addressing customer needs. The technological expertise is centered on mature open-source projects such as Apache Lucene/Solr for full-text search and Apache UIMA as a text analytics framework.

Among max.recall’s customers are news agencies, consulting firms in the area of intellectual property and IT service providers.

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