Our Products and Services

max.recall is a software and consulting company enabling your enterprise capitalizing on the hidden value in textual information. To support this quest we offer the following specialized products and services:

SMARTCODER: analyzing open-ended questions made easy.

Insights in Seconds: SMARTCODER is an online market research tool for automatic analysis of answers to open-ended questions in surveys. Create your account at www.smartcoder.at and start saving costs.

quantalyze - quantity annotation and search technology

quantalyze is a data analytics technology specializing in quantity recognition, unit conversion and range searching. It analyzes document full text and complete table content. Searchers are empowered to locate the deep value in a given data set that could not previously be found.  www.quantalyze.com.

US Patent Status Helper

The US Patent Status Helper is a tool to ease the process of checking the maintainance status of US patents. It is provided free of charge to make the lifes of patent information specialists easier.

Customized Solutions

  • Vertical Search provides you with focused searching in a specific topic, type of content (e.g., travel, blogs, events), industry, etc.
  • Intelligent Text/Content Analytics lets you aggregate, analyze and explore unstructured content to unlock its business value.

With our professional skills and by using the robust open-source technologies Apache Lucene/Solr and UIMA we are able to quickly set up working prototypes and develop high-quality production grade solutions that are tailored to your individual needs.


We hire - Text Analytics Expert

24 May 2018

Text Analytics Expert with Java Background You are interested in solving complex problems? You are not only enthusiastic about the development of Java-based text analytics solutions in course of...

Final Study “Conquering Data in Austria” available for download

29 Apr 2014

We have completed our work on the roadmap study “Conquering Data in Austria”. It provides a comprehensive roadmap on Intelligent Data Analytics technologies in Austria. This study...

Accepted paper at the European Data Forum

20 Jan 2014

max.recall (together with the Vienna University of Technology) were accepted to present their paper entitled "Conquering Data in Austria: a five-year technology roadmap" at the European Data Forum...

"Conquering Data: The State of Play in Intelligent Data Analytics" available for download

16 Sep 2013

We have compiled a position paper that forms the basis for the creation of a research roadmap for Conquering Data in Austria. It summarises techniques for Intelligent Data Analytics, presents...

Survey to identify the "Data Challenges of the Future" now online

12 Sep 2013

The survey for identifying the Data Challenges of the Future is now online. You are welcome to take part in this survey, which is designed to obtain an overview of capacities, resources and...

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